A smile rejuvenation can change your life! After an injury, poor dental care, or simply years of wear and tear, the form and function of your smile can suffer. Dr. Hutchison and her skilled team can restore your smile to the beautiful, healthy way it used to be! You don’t have to suffer with a dysfunctional smile. With restorative procedures, you can improve your appearance, your ability to chew, and even your ability to properly speak! Don’t wait… rejuvenate today!

Implant-supported Dentures

Say goodbye to denture adhesives and poor fitting dentures with implant-supported dentures. Problems such as gum sores and difficulty chewing or speaking are alleviated with a denture kept firmly in place. Plus, by distributing your biting pressure more like natural teeth, implant-supported dentures provide important stimulation to the bones and tissue of your jaw. This prevents the deterioration of your teeth’s supportive structures for more lasting oral health. Ask Dr. Hutchison about how you can improve your form and function with implant-supported dentures.


The most important aspect of effective dentures is a proper fit. Your dentures’ functionality depends on it, and an improper fit can lead to a host of painful problems, including gum sores, difficulty chewing or speaking, and long-term issues with your teeth’s supportive structures. Even more, dentures will keep you looking and feeling healthy and will help you retain a natural lifestyle. Choose dentures from Dr. Hutchison, and she will work to ensure a perfect fit for lasting, positive results.

Partial Dentures

In the event that a multi-tooth gap cannot be corrected with a bridge, consider partial dentures from Dr. Hutchison. With a comfortable, removable partial denture made from synthetic material and lightweight metal, your form and function will be restored and you will prevent the unwanted shifting of neighboring teeth. Best of all, you will retain a natural-looking smile.

Crowns Erase years of wear and tear, decay, and damage with a dental crown. Made from precious metals or from tooth-like porcelain, crowns can restore teeth with chips, cracks, and breaks or can fill gaps in your smile. Don’t let decayed or damaged teeth ruin your mouth’s appearance and function. Enjoy an effective solution with crowns from Dr. Hutchison.


Losing a tooth doesn’t just leave an unattractive gap in your smile; it can lead to serious function problems in your bite. Without proper bite pressure where teeth are missing, others areas in your mouth will overcompensate, and neighboring teeth may shift into the open space. This can lead to poor function, discomfort, and even pain. Worst of all, these problems increase over time.

Don’t let a missing tooth ruin your mouth’s form and function. Fix these problems and prevent new ones with a bridge from Dr. Hutchison. After preparing the two neighboring teeth around the gap with two crowns, she will fuse a prosthetic between them and will place them in your mouth. Your bridge will literally “bridge the gap,” leaving you with a beautiful, functional smile with no discomfort.


Do you ever suffer from headaches, a popping sound in your jaw when you open or close your mouth, or pain in your jaw joints and muscles? Signs like this often point to issues with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Your TMD (temporomandibular disorder) could be an indication of trauma, strain, complications with your bite, long-term injury, or grinding/clenching your teeth. Whatever the cause, this painful condition can be treated.

You can receive the TMD care you need from Dr. Hutchison. After talking to the doctor and her team, she will recommend a course of treatment that will help alleviate day-to-day pain…getting you back to your favorite activities. If you are experiencing any of these common TMD symptoms, ask Dr. Hutchison or a member of her team if you might benefit from TMD treatment.

Same Day Crowns with CEREC®

As an active adult, you are always on the go. While you may need dental treatment, you may feel you don’t have time for several trips to the dentist. Thanks to the revolutionary CEREC® system, even someone as busy as you can fit their dental care into their schedule with a complete, natural-looking, beautiful restoration…all in one day!

Many restorations require several visits to the dentist, but CEREC® allows for the fabrication of all-ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. With CEREC’s system, Dr. Hutchison uses a clean, digital impression of your teeth to custom create a natural-looking restoration. Say goodbye to being fitted for a temporary crown and to returning for a second appointment! Now, Dr. Hutchison can place your customized, porcelain restoration on-site, while you wait. Less time at the dentist’s office means a more comfortable experience for you and more time to do what you love!